Please read the following ‘Terms & Conditions of Service’ before using ‘SageAdvice’ Services and Website. ‘SageAdvice’ reserves the right to modify any part of the ‘Terms & Condition’ at any time without giving notice. The ‘Terms & Conditions’ posted on the website are considered current and applicable and supersede all previous versions. It is ‘Users responsibility to review ‘Terms and Conditions’ each time a Service offering is accepted.

All persons including users, employees, affiliates, subcontractors or casual web surfers should read the below noted ‘Terms & Conditions’ before using ‘SageAdvice’ services.

Proceeding with usage of ‘SageAdvice’ Portal or Services implies full consent and agreement of the ‘Terms & Conditions’, Services, applicable costs, acceptance of e-commerce transactions, and our ‘Privacy Policy’. If you do not agree to ‘Terms & Conditions’, please DO NOT use the website.

For Clarity:

SageAdvice; SageAdvice Employees, Experts, Consultants, Affiliates, Service Provider – all refer to ‘SageAdvice Pvt. Ltd.’

'User’, ‘Users’ (including Registered and Unregistered), ‘Clients’, ‘Website Visitor’, ‘You’ and persons not affiliated with ‘SageAdvice Pvt. Ltd. are collectively referred to as ‘Users’

‘Chief Counsellors’, ‘Panel Counsellors’, ‘Counsellors’, Consultants are collectively referred to as ‘Experts’


These Terms and Conditions applies to each separate or several usages of SageAdvice’ Services or Portal and are applicable for each interaction & in any mode – voice, chat, data transfer or video

These ‘Terms & Conditions’ are separate from any usage terms and conditions imposed by 3rd party payment vendors, Mobile Application or Video Service Providers, whether through our portal or not.


1. Services provided by ‘SageAdvice’ are ‘Holistic’ in nature and are based on the interweaving of best techniques of Psychological Counselling Methods to the Users for any challenges or concerns they may be experiencing in their life.

2. Services provided shall be to counsel people with their daily life situations. This DOES NOT include providing Psychiatric counseling to customers with ‘Medical’ or ‘Psychological Illnesses’, Psychotic disorders’, or ‘Suicidal Tendency’. Our ‘Experts’ will make best efforts to assess situation and if during any interaction with customer such a situation is perceived, they will refuse guidance and refer the customer to seek medical assistance or other contact with dedicated ‘Help-Lines’.

3. SageAdvice’ or its affiliates are not psychiatric or medical service and will never prescribe any ingestible medication or remedy. The nature of ‘Services’ offered are holistic to effect changes from within rather than through remedies or medication.

4. SageAdvice’ website is NOT a Suicide helpline. If you are considering or contemplating a suicide or you feel may be a danger to yourself or others, please discontinue the use of ‘services’ and call emergency hotline or Police.

Or a Suicide prevention Helpline like

‘Aasraa’: # +91-98204-66726

‘Jeevan Aastha’ Helpline : Toll Free : 1800 233 3330

‘FORTIS STRESS HELPLINE’ : +91-8376804102

SageAdvice Website and use of the Site:

1. SageAdvice website – www.sageadvice.in or www.sageadvice.co.in is accessible by everyone for personal and non-commercial use.

2. By using the website ‘User’ warrants they are at least 18 years of age and can make independent decisions. Any person less than ‘18’ years of age, shall not register unless parental or legal guardian guidance and consent is provided. We reserve the right to terminate your registration if it is discovered that you are under the age of eighteen (18) years and are accessing this Website without parental or legal guardian consent.

3. SageAdvice website has been setup as an e-commerce platform for providing services to registered users. Charges for various services or plans should be reviewed properly and are the responsibility of the user to accept. ‘SageAdvice’ reserves its right to change the charges for any services or plan, at any time, without the requirement of any prior intimation to the user. Any such change shall be binding and effective on the User.

4. Non-Registered users are persons who may access or browse the website for information only, without providing any personal information. Certain features of the website are not available to or accessible by Non-Registered users. A Non-registered users’ information will not be stored or used in any manner by ‘SageAdvice’.

5. Registered users are persons who have created an account with ‘SageAdvice’. They will have a specific username and password through which they will be able to log in to and access services.

6. Once logged in to your user account, the portal will remember your login. Unless you specifically ‘Logout’, next time you open the portal, your status will be as ‘Logged IN’ or ‘Signed IN’.

7. Transfer of account or services to another person by a Registered user is NOT allowed.

8. Registered user will be required to provide personal information and details, which will be saved securely under their account. Please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’.

9. By becoming a ‘Registered User’ the Users agrees to the ‘Terms and Condition’ and ‘Privacy Policy’

10. Users acknowledge that the website is a portal only and clearly understands all items noted under sub-section ‘Services’ of these ‘Terms and Conditions. You further acknowledge and agree that you take full responsibility for the decision to access an ‘Expert’ through the Website and to continue to interact with such individual(s), and that the role of ‘SageAdvice’ is strictly limited to providing access to such ‘Experts’ to you.

11. Users will ensure that all information provided to ‘SageAdvice’ through the website is true, accurate, current, and not misleading.

12. All efforts of ‘Privacy & Confidentiality’ as per our ‘Privacy Policy’ will be maintained, however it is imperative that users securely maintain their login information, confidential details, secure and private on their end.

13. Users are responsible for all activities under their login and account.

14. Users may not use the website to copy, infringe Intellectual property, knowingly place virus, malicious software, ransomware, delete or modify content or indulge in hacking, identity theft, data mining, scamming, phishing, any form of antisocial, racial, defamatory, offensive, obscene, disruptive or destructive acts, or any activity harmful to the website, ‘SageAdvice’, its affiliate or other users . SageAdvice, reserves full right to take necessary steps including assistance of lawful remedies for any such violations.

15. Users may use the website for the sole purpose of services as offered and intended.

16. ‘SageAdvice ’ is not responsible for, or has obligation to prescreen, edit or monitor user content uploaded on the portal. However, any user content found to be in violation of these ‘Terms & Conditions’ of service ‘SageAdvice’ will be purged and removed and the user shall be solely responsibility and any consequences, legal or otherwise.

17. Usage of the Website and features provided are to be following all applicable Indian laws.

18. Where the website is accessed by or used from location outside India, the operation and applicable laws covering the website usage will be under the jurisdiction of Indian law only.

19. By Registering as a user and using the website, the Users authorizes 'SageAdvice' to contact them via phone call, text, or e-mail for any service related or promotional matter.

20. Users are prohibited from recording any session or communication through any means. This is to abide with Indian Laws that any and all recordings have to be accepted by both parties and cannot be done without the express knowledge of the other party. If found guilty of such action – it could result in immediate termination of account along with legal action as applicable under law.

21. SageAdvice and our Website may have some 3rd party website ‘Links’. Usage of links and 3rd party website ‘Terms, Conditions, Protocols are beyond the responsibility of 'SageAdvice'. Users are responsible for the protocol, Terms & Conditions of the 3rd party website.


Payment Modalities

1. User(s) can make payments through any of the following available options:

a. Internet Banking

b. Debit/ Credit Cards

c. Other Payment Models

The Payment Gateway n use is ‘RazorPay’. User banking or credit card etc information is posted directly on the RazorPay secure webpages and NOT stored on ‘SageAdvice’ portal

2. 'SageAdvice' uses a Third-Party Payment portal ‘RazorPay’ for the purchases, which is neither a banking or Financial service. User accepts and agrees to electronic payment system via such services. The Terms and modalities of such transactions Net Banking/ Debit/Credit Cards (“Virtual Payment Mode”) shall be separately governed by arrangement(s) / terms and conditions between the User and the relevant banks. 'SageAdvice' shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any liability that may arise in relation to the Virtual Payment Modes (including any fraudulent transaction).

3. While availing any of the payment method(s) available on the Website, 'SageAdvice' will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to You due to (a) lack of authorization for any transactions; (b) any payment issues arising out of the transaction or (c) decline of such transaction for any reason.

4. If the user has any discount code or coupons these need to be applied at the time of checkout. Any failure to do so results the coupon to be void and it cannot be applied ‘after’ the charge has been made and paid. Strictly no changes or refunds are possible.

Termination / Suspension of Account:

1. 'SageAdvice' at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate or suspend an account or service by revoking the account or barring the IP address of a ‘User’ in the event it finds that the ‘User’ has breached the agreement or terms. No notice will be provided for this termination. Any suspected abusive, fraudulent, or illegal activity not limited to monetary matters will constitute grounds for termination.

2. Upon Termination / suspension of an account regardless of the reason, the users acknowledge that their right to use the website, user content, ‘Experts’ content, and / or access to any posted user content immediately ceases. The account will stand de-activated and the said user is expressly forbidden to create another account for the sole purpose of gaining access.

3. Re-instatement of account can only be allowed on separate acceptance agreed and allowed by 'SageAdvice' through exclusive communication.

4. 'SageAdvice' shall not be liable to the User for any claims or damages arising out of any account termination or suspension.

5. Further reminder and reference are made to SageAdvice Website and use of the Site / Clause ‘20’, specifically ‘zero tolerance policy’ and instantaneous suspension / cancellation in case of any communication towards ‘Experts’ of any suggestive, sexual, prurient or obscene nature is made

SageAdvice Responsibility, Guarantees and Liabilities:

1. 'SageAdvice' does not provide guarantee of results from any interaction, guidance session or use of information provided through its website or ‘Experts’. User acknowledges usage at their own risk.

2. ‘Experts’ are affiliates of ‘SageAdvice’ and remain independent in their operation. ‘SageAdvice’ will vet and overview credentials of the ‘Experts’, including providing ‘SageAdvice’ specific training to them, however ‘SageAdvice’ is not responsible for nor endorses, recommends, warrants or guarantees to qualifications, expertise, claims or background of any Counselor, Consultant, or any service, advice, opinion, recommendation provided by them.

3. No Medical Advice Provided: All advice provided on the website are for information and guidance only. None of the Services or guidance offered is to replace or otherwise negate any Medical Doctor advice. Users with such situations should continue with their Medical Dr.’s advice and any prescribed medication. Guidance and Counseling provided is not intended as a substitute for or as a replacement of professional medical advice. Do not disregard, delay, suspend or avoid seeking medical guidance because of any counsel or advice you may have obtained through ‘SageAdvice’ portal.

4. User use of information provided on the website or guidance counselors is solely at their own risk and volition. 5. If any posted user content is removed due to infringement of these ‘Terms & Conditions’ or ‘Termination of account’ such content maybe held (for legal purposes) with ‘SageAdvice’ but will not be accessible by the user & retrievable without a legal order.

6. ‘SageAdvice’ shall not be liable for any downtime or delay or unavailability of the website caused by situation beyond ‘SageAdvice’ control. If such disruption effects any ‘ongoing’ session already paid for, the maximum liability is to re-instate another session to make up for the disrupted time. Any scheduled session delays will be re-accommodated for another appointment slot.

7. ‘SageAdvice’ or their affiliates, ‘Experts’ shall NOT be liable or responsible for any breach or loss of data including personal information due to events beyond ‘SageAdvice’ control, or due to 3rd Party breach or Technical glitches.

8. Non-Fulfillment of purchased session or scheduled appointment due to Technical or other reasons: While all efforts will be made to inform in a timely manner for any schedule changes, ‘SageAdvice’ is not liable for any loss or damages arising out of non-fulfillment of a session.

9. ‘SageAdvice’ may without prior notice cease to provide services, deactivate, or cancel the portal completely or partially withdraw certain services at its sole discretion and authority.

10. Limitation of Liability: By using the website, users acknowledge that they are solely responsible for any and all actions, decisions, understanding, liabilities or consequences resulting from their use of ‘SageAdvice’ services and shall waive the right to litigate and hold harmless ‘SageAdvice’, its employees, affiliates, shareholders, directors, sub-contractors, agents or any parties responsible for creating, producing or delivering the website.

User Privacy, Confidentiality and Security:

1. Website users /users acknowledge that by using the website, they consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. While all reasonable efforts will be made to protect user personal information, we cannot guarantee unassailable security in face of a hacking attack or leak (beyond ‘SageAdvice’ Control). The user accordingly acknowledges that their personal information as provided is at their own risk.

2. Recording of Counselling sessions:

SageAdvice will NOT record any customer counselling sessions by default. Similarly any recordings by Customer(s) is strictly prohibited.

• Recording of some sessions maybe required for future training and mentoring purposes – in which case specific permission will be sought and obtained from user prior any recording. Any future use of such recordings will ensure and maintain confidentiality of the user.

3. Limitation to Privacy /Confidentiality: ‘SageAdvice has the rights and obligation to disclose information to the concerned authorities in the following cases:

• Harm to self or others: When the customer during the session is seen to be posing as a risk to self or others in the society.

• Is subjected to severe form of abuse or violence: When the customer displays any concerns of being subjected to any form of violence or threat.

• Legal order / Court requisition: When there is an order from the court/law for the need of any disclosures of crucial sessions information.


Users understand the nature of Services provided by SageAdvice, through 3rd ‘Experts’.

Users shall indemnify and hold harmless ‘SageAdvice’, Its Employees, Affiliates, Shareholders, Directors, Sub-Contractors and Agents, from and against any and all losses (direct, indirect or consequential), damages, settlements, liabilities, costs, charges, assessments and expenses, as well as third party claims and causes of action, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, arising out of any breach by user of any of these ‘Terms & Conditions’, any use of the Website or dispute regarding any charges or transactions.

Notices / Grievance Officer

1. Any notice required or permitted to be given to SageAdvice’ shall be sent by registered, receipt required certified mail to SageAdvice Pvt. Ltd. at its registered address.

2. Grievance Officer: E-mail Address: sageadvice.in@gmail.com

This is a computer-generated document and is valid when posted on SageAdvice’ website without requiring any signature.