Return & Cancellation policy for Sage Advice portal


SageAdvice ’ through the quality of ‘Experts’ featured on its portal as well as the robust nature of communication offerings endeavors to maintain a very healthy interaction and counselling session for all its users. SageAdvice has invested a lot into making this experience pleasant. As we value all our users, we likewise also value the time and effort the expert puts into a counselling session. Situations like a ‘No show’ or last-minute change requests accordingly are in general not possible to address or provide refund to.

Keeping the above as a cornerstone of our refund and cancellation policy, we do recognize there may be extenuating circumstances which may require to be addressed. The below refund policy and its terms and conditions will be applicable for any such situations

Refund Policy

1. The applicability of any portion of this policy is for ‘registered users’ only.

2. Your rights to avail a refund will be considered valid under the below mentioned situations, provided a valid claim is made within ‘5’ (Five) days or receipt of service and cannot be redressed by rescheduling (SageAdvice’s discretion). We try to respond to any such requests within 30 days of receipt of request

a. A transactional or an accounting error.

b. A technical difficulty which may have caused the session to have been disrupted.

c. In case of a proven session dissatisfaction report. This determination will be made only after a grievance is lodged and our follow up investigation reveals just cause for dissatisfaction. In case of a dispute, the decision of SageAdvice will be considered final and binding.

3. Refund on Session / package / plan purchased: SageAdvice in general will NOT refund any paid charges for service or session plan purchased.

4. Any purchased Time Slot or session plan is activated for a specific time from the date of purchase and expires according to its duration. In case, the user fails to use the services during the period it cannot be shifted to any other period, further, no refunds will be provided in such a scenario.

5. The user agrees and understands that purchasing a session plan or time with an ‘Expert’ does not give the user any preference with regard to the allotment of their chat session(s) and/or the ‘Expert’ of their choice. All ‘Experts’ have a pre-defined chat session schedule, which might be subject to change. The user agrees that all requests for chat sessions are serviced on a first come first serve basis.

6. No refund for any forfeiture resulting from express violation of our ‘Terms & Conditions’ will be entertained under any circumstances

7. Appointments (Chat/Audio/Video):

a. For any services purchased, the SageAdvice’ ‘Expert’ shall make 2 attempts to reach the customer. In case the customer is not available or fails to respond, the slot will be considered as consumed.

b. For any Service purchased, if the user requires One slot rescheduling is possible / available. In this case the user needs to log-on and reschedule at least ‘6’ hours prior to their service time. Failure to do so means the initially scheduled appointment is valid and ‘No show’ at that time will imply the service is consumed and no further changes or refunds are possible. ‘No-show’ for the rescheduled appointment is considered as a consumed slot and no changes or refunds will be allowed.

c. For Face to Face appointments, any no shows are treated as availed services and no refund or rescheduling shall be provided.

d. Appointment Bundles: All bundles need to be availed within the validity from the date of purchase. Additionally, all individual items in the bundles shall also be bound by the terms on appointments.

8. ANY payment debited to the user on account of transaction ‘Not completed’ but still debited to the user account will be credited back to the source of origin by the payment gateway as per their cycle time ( normally 5to 10 working days). SageAdvice will not be able to assist in this matter.

Cancellation Policy:

A session once purchased cannot be cancelled for a refund. It can be rescheduled under the following circumstances

a. 24 hour prior to scheduled appointment: Reschedule possible multiple times (on the portal directly – users dashboard)

b. 24-6 hours prior appointment: Reschedule possible twice (on the portal directly – users’ dashboard)

c. Less than 6 hours prior appointment – No Cancellation, rescheduling, or refund is possible