Queries regarding ‘SAGEADVICE' portal

  • What is ‘SAGEADVICE'?

    We are an Online Psychological Counselling Portal which has several vetted, selected and featured ‘Experts’ you can book a session and engage with. This private, confidential, and non-judgemental session will kindle in you, best of your abilities for a fulfilling and happier you. We do so with a holistic Western science tempered with Eastern wisdom approach through best counsellors, as a sage by your side, your wing person! Always there with the best guidance in any situation of your life! Talk to someone : It helps!

  • How does SageAdvice work?

    SageAdvice portal has experienced and vetted Panel Counsellors (Experts) you can engage with for Counselling, Wellbeing & Life-Coaching, Career guidance and organizational behavior strategy. These are offered either through one-on-one transformative counselling sessions or holistic packages as listed on the portal. Additionally, there are a number of free tools like self-exploration and self-tests / evaluation. These will allow you to get a better understanding of yourself. Then at your comfort, feel free to engage with our panel of best the psychologists, counsellors, and experts in their fields. We maintain a non-judgmental, confidential, and secure area for you to have one on one interaction with the experts, who will help you understand and overcome your doubts on your journey to understand yourself and to lead to a better quality of your inner self and a fulfilled, meaningful, and happier life.

  • Is SageAdvice Right for me?

    Short answer – Yes, it is!!! We are there not only for the difficult stages of life but understanding and empowering a better you at any stage to enable you to achieve a better you! ‘A Sage by your Side, SageAdvice for a better life.’

  • How can SageAdvice improve my life?

    There are times, where we need a mirror to look at quintessential processes going within us. There are times when the cage of usual must be knocked off to explore possibilities. Our Experts are well versed in getting you to understand yourself and your situations and guide. An awakened mind is the most powerful tool in this creation. We endeavor to give you that self-understanding and empowerment for an improved outlook on life.

  • What are the services provided by SageAdvice ?

    We provide quality psychological counselling advise in areas such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Situations, Family Therapy, Addiction, Wellbeing, Life coaching for self-advancement. Understanding Career direction is a major stressor at most stages of life, we have a separate vertical dedicated to that. With this holistic look we are well positioned and can develop & implement quality organizational invigoration and behaviour change strategies.

  • What is counselling?

    Sometimes a confusing word. Counselling is a process of assisting and guiding you by our trained Experts. Counseling empowers you to make positive changes in life and achieve wellness, relationship and career goals. To explain in one manner – even the top Olympics athletes seek counselling to achieve their very best. It helps them understand their doubts, conflicts, motivations and brings self-awareness to harmonize their thoughts and achieve fulfillment. Or also for another situation: Counselling will help you make sense of the everyday stress and chaos to navigate life.

  • Is online counselling & therapy effective?

    Very Effective with the right experts. We provide training to our Counsellors for this mode and they are well versed in providing the best services in an online setting. Online mode also gives you advantages of accessibility, cost, if you desire anonymity, confidentiality, security, in house comfort of your own space, at your own time and pace. Thought not 24 hours a day, we are available at most times.

  • I think I am able to work out issues I face and not sure if I need guidance? How do I find out?

    We believe the innate strength of each unique human and their minds. Sometimes though the mind needs understanding to get the right direction. On our portal we provide some excellent and thoughtful self-tests, please try them and you will have a better understanding. We are always there to support you in your journey of life. A Sage by your Side.

  • I am very hesitant to discuss my situation with anybody. Will any session be fruitful for me?

    All sessions will be fruitful for you. However, seek your comfort and be comfortable to engage with our Expert Counsellors. Our Experts encourage you to talk freely about yourself, listens without judging and helps you find answers. We strive to provide a very safe zone. We have positioned our offerings as a recommended 50 min session. However, if you want to initially understand without a longer commitment, we also offer a 25 min session. Try it!! Remember counselling needs time and having a planned paced approach over time brings the best results. Our Counsellors will work and discuss the best planning with you.

  • What is life coaching and how will it help me?

    Life coaching is for those individuals who want to grow and become a better version of self. Who wants to cross over all hurdles of life and live to the full potential! A purposeful Life coaching session can inspire you to create and Live life to its full potential..

  • What does a health and wellness / wellbeing counselor do?

    Our Health and Wellbeing is our most prized possession. The health and wellness counsellor will assist the individuals to maximize their health, by discarding poor habits and adopting healthy day to day practices. Wellness counselling is about holistic health and understanding the effect of psychological and emotional components in Health life.

  • Is SageAdvice career advice section only for students?

    No, we offer comprehensive guidance. Career confusion and indecision can affect you at any stage of your career, thus it is important to get the right support to resolve it and plan ahead Whether you are a student trying to decide on your first career, or a seasoned professional who is looking for a career change, we are here to offer the processes, support and insight you need. Our experts can help you build a sustainable and exciting career vision that is unique to you.

  • What makes SageAdvice different?

    Our Approach!!! We are a sustained social enterprise, with a vision to have excellent counselling and guidance to the maximum number of people. Our closely vetted and trained ‘Experts’ are very good and bring previously inaccessible reach to everybody. Another differentiator is our very holistic approach, the bringing together of the Eastern Wisdom and Western Science. This is a pragmatic approach, we consider very important, to take the best from any and all streams, without going to any extreme to achieve the best results for you.

  • This is first time I am trying do I need to prepare with something?

    Just feel comfortable! Our Experts will take you through a discovery phase as if you are talking to a friend.

  • I am confused about Choosing between various packages.

    For our One-on-One Sessions these are available in 50 min slots. A smaller 25-minute slot (for initial engagement is also available to allow you to get a better understanding
    . Separate from above at various areas we also have packages (with the offerings within the package explained in detail). Please peruse those for clarity. If you feel you would like to know more:
    - Write to us through our ever-present Chatbot with your situation and we will get back to you.
    - E-mail us through contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
    - require more details. In such
    - Call us on help line to talk to ‘Customer Support’ or leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Number is given within the ‘Contact Us’ tab.
    - Best option would be to book and engage in a small 25-minute session to voice your thoughts and discuss, this would allow immediate understanding and match to be worked out for the most effective package.
    We have positioned a nominally priced 25-minute initial session. As you understand a bit more about yourself, guided by our ‘Expert’ you will get a better understanding for any selections you may need. Do remember, counselling is not a sprint for instant results, but a process. We would like you to journey together with us.

  • Can I consult experts from different verticals? How to go about it?

    Yes, you can. Feel comfortable to explore. Sometimes the nature of the underlying situation, may be very different from one’s initial assumption. A career choice may be a stressor and affecting other areas of your well-being. As you engage with our ‘Experts’, they are trained to pick up cues and will guide you at times to a different vertical.

  • How many sessions and which medium should I opt for ?

    We would suggest a normal session 50-minute audio call as the best understanding and value. However, if you feel comfortable to engage in a small Chat session or video, please feel comfortable to do so. A video mode does allow additional cues for the counsellor and could help immensely..

  • What hardware and software do I need to use the portal?

    Any computer, smart device with data access will work fine. The interface is very friendly.

  • Are there any free sessions I can try?

    We have a number of Self Tests for you to try or you can e-mail to us – these are free. We do not have free sessions with Counsellors. We value your time as well as the time of our dedicated ‘Experts’, who in the spirit of social enterprise, often charge much lesser than they would normally. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

  • I have booked a session with a counsellor, what is next step?

    Thanks for booking the session. Next: - You will receive a text intimation and e-mail confirming the timing of your session and your expert of choice (or selected by SageAdvice). There will be reminders sent (depending on how far forward you have booked a session). Reminders will come immediately after booking, 7 hours before session and 15 minutes before scheduled session. - As soon as a session is purchased Immediately the details of your booked session will populate in Profile section of your page (accessed through your Login icon). - When your scheduled session is coming up – Please Login to the portal. At the time of your session, your ‘Expert’ will contact you and you will receive an intimation on your device. Please be ready and accept the call. - So - at the time of your session please logIN to the portal (essential) and standby, the Expert will call you and once you accept – your session will start.

  • How is the physical process of a session – Though Web or Telephone network?

    All sessions are conducted through a special proprietary system window through SageAdvice Website or portal. This is done to ensure your Privacy, Confidentiality, and a secure session mode. At the time of your session, please ensure you are logged in to your account on the portal page with good data / wifi strength. For best outcomes, we recommend logging in through your Desktop or Laptop computer. Your Smart phone would also work fine, provided you have a good Wifi / data connection.

  • I connected for the session, but the session could not proceed due to poor signal strength or call dropped. What to do??

    Do not worry. If connection is broken due to poor connectivity or the call drops, please stand by. Within a minute or earlier, your ‘Expert’ will connect back to you through your registered phone number. Please do note in such a back up case the Video Calling feature is not possible and only audio call will proceed.

  • My session had some technical difficulties. Can I get a refund? Can I cancel a booked session?

    Please refer to our ‘Refund & Cancellation Policy’. If there is a genuine technical glitch, please write to us and we will make an internal check and take a decision.

  • I have a scheduled session, but something came up and I am not able attend. What can I do?

    Till 6 hours prior to your scheduled session, you can reschedule your session, by logging IN to the portal, going to my sessions under your profile and rescheduling. Re-scheduling with less than 6 hours before a scheduled session is not possible. In case of extenuating circumstances you may contact us to discuss.

  • I could not attend to my scheduled session. Can I get a refund?

    Please refer to our ‘Refund & Cancellation Policy’. We will make multiple efforts to contact you at the time of your scheduled session, via portal and if that fails via a telephony backup on your registered phone number. As mentioned earlier you need to be logged in to our portal. However, if after multiple attempts you do not respond on the portal or registered number, In general with due respect to time of our Experts the session cost is considered consumed and no rescheduling or refund is possible.

  • What are the languages in which counselling is provided?

    Normally all sessions are in Hindi or English. We continue to add ‘Expert’ counsellors pan India, who could communicate in your language. Please check the Experts ‘About Summary’ on their profile page, which lists the languages they are fluent IN and make a selection accordingly.

  • Can I choose my ‘Expert’, or I will be assigned one?

    You have the choice. SageAdvice can carefully match your needs based on area you would like to discuss on, by matching the right ‘Expert’ for you. In this case, please choose the ‘SageAdvice Expert’ and we will follow up and advise on the Expert who is right for you. Alternatively - please browse through our Experts and feel free to schedule appointment with an ‘Expert’ of your liking as per their availability schedule. If you need to engage immediately and your counsellor of choice is not online (Green indication on Expert Card), then any counsellor online could be chosen. In both cases, please confirm your session and timing when scheduling. This has to be done at least 24 hours in advance of the proposed session time. Please be assured we will match the best expert to help you.

  • Will the same ‘Expert’ be assigned to me If I choose to Continue with more sessions?

    It is best that the same ‘Expert’ continues to engage with you (unless you would specifically like to change). In this case, after initial assignment, please schedule continuing sessions with the same ‘Expert’.

  • I want to connect particularly with Female/male ‘Expert’, how can I do that?

    Please enter the Experts Name in the Search window and their profile will pop up. Please engage accordingly. Alternatively either go to ‘Browse all Experts’ to get complete listing or go to bottom of the home page through info iicon ‘I’ on the top banner and select ‘Experts’. ‘Experts Listing’ page will open for your review and selection.

  • I wish to take couple Counselling with my partner. Do I need to pay the double?

    No. However, please be mindful, that depending on the situation, the ‘Expert’ will make the determination (not a monetary, but situational) or decision when the session should be individual or together. When two people will need to engage, they will need to be together (communicate from same device and not separate logins)

  • Is SageAdvice Online counselling Confidential & Secure?

    Yes. Please see our Privacy Policy’ for details.