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A quiz created by our experts to help you understand who you are. You will be surprised at how much this helps you understand yourself better.

Our counsellors will take you through the analysis of the quiz and help you understand the outcomes and address your concerns. The initial session consisting of 25 minutes will give you the appropriate amount of time to discuss your concerns with our panel counsellor.

Our offering of a 50-minute session will give you required space and time to share what you are feeling in a thorough manner, for you to accept and understand the problem. We highly recommend this duration of session. Best understanding and goal oriented.

Our counsellors will work with you side-by-side in a non- judgmental and supportive way to help guide you. Together we will find solutions, which work, for you.

The number of sessions will depend on the nature of the problem and your response to counselling.We are here for you for as long as you need!

Who should take counselling?

Everyone! A personal therapist is like a personal physician who will understand the way you think, feel and behave.Your counselor can be there for you to navigate the ups and downs of life! This person can always be there for you

Therapeutic relationships for a better life

Anxiety & Depression: People are often continuously anxious about the future, while some are often focused on their past which weighs them down. Anxiety and Depression is seen to effect the body's functioning in small areas of life, which further on develop into symptoms.

Therapy helps in the release of pent up emotions & feelings. You will learn how to comfort yourself with your issues. Learn to deploy resources and care for yourself emotionally.

Relationship Counselling: Helps you to break free from old patterns of behavior. Counselling provides a supportive & non-judgmental environment to help you in small or major concerns in your relationships with your significant other. It helps in self- awareness by learning what environmental stressors triggers you and your emotions.

With Relationship Counselling, you learn skills like communication, problem solving, re- establishing trust and boundaries.

Addiction: Addiction Therapy can help you have a 180 degree turn in you and your lifestyle ways. It helps you strengthen self-work, find an alternative to manage stress and emotions, learn how to reset common triggers and practice skills for dealing with cravings.

• Enhanced feeling of self worth

• Stronger relationships with others

• Mutual Trust and Respect

• Freedom to share negative feelings

• Shared decision making

• Helps improve communication with significant others

• Resolves conflict quickly and effectively